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Go ahead and change your browser window size (resize it), and see it get responsive... mouse-over this hero-title box, watch the opacity go full.

Read More Info in the top nav menu links, essentially "clicks" the bottom scroll down arrow to jump to #main-content, as multiple forms of the same navigation function are good UI/UX design. The animate.css library makes the scroll down arrow bouncey on form load. Override any cb.css behavior with your own theme.css file. See or RU for example.



Desktop Version Only Title

This subtitle is available on both desktop & mobile

place a bunch of fancy hi-res images & hi-def videos inside the "desktop" class

Mobile Version Only Content

if you wish to show something to only mobile users wrap in this mobile class tag, including line breaks.

there's a lot more you can do, menus, background photo, buttons, rounded corners, etc.

Detailed Explanation

some more content to market & sell your goods or services on the mobile version of the site, goes down here.. no need for fancy photos or videos, conserve the users bandwidth and get your point across quickly!

You'll notice this section has left/right padding. Use the "content" class for this to add padding, otherwise see below. ↓
By default "container" class is full width, which helps to enclose sections vertically on the page. This is the margin size without using "content" div, and you can use additonal classes such as "black", "white", "transparent" on containers for various opacity and to see the photo background.

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